Unlike yoga, which maintains good health in body, breath and mind for the purpose of spiritual practice, Yoga Therapy prescribes specific practices to individuals, based on present problems. It is a pro-active, complementary modality that puts health and wellbeing back in the hands of the individual by utilising the tools of yoga – body movement, breath techniques, sound and visualisations, specifically tailored for each student.

Targeting the physical, physiological and the psychological, Yoga Therapy supports healing on all levels of the constitution. Due to its use of the ancient wisdom of yoga, the tools of yoga as well as modern physiological and pathological awareness, Yoga Therapy supports a vast array of issues.

Lissie specialises in recovery from addiction, illness and injury, as well as women's health, insomnia, depression and anxiety.

First consult is approximately 1.5 hrs, during which time you will receive your first practice, prescribed specifically for you. Lissie walks every step of the way with her students, ensuring that the ongoing, upward journey to improved health is comfortable, targeted, progressive and with the right commitment, lifelong.

INITIAL CONSULTATION 90 MINUTES $150 (includes first prescribed practice)

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