“Feeling Empowered.”

Lissie and Tahlia create a safe and nurturing space where you feel held and supported to learn new ways to flow with your cycle rather than struggle against it! The wisdom and knowledge they share is delivered in a clear and concise way  and I came away from Living Hormoniously feeling empowered to make positive changes that will benefit me and also my family. 

— A.G.

“The Power of Permission"

Attending the Living Hormoniously 4-week course was fabulous! It was beautiful to share the cosy and warm space at The Yoga Shack with other women; to connect. The most powerful thing I took away from this course was permission to rest, particularly when I am bleeding. Since putting into practice what I learnt, I feel much more balanced and am more in touch with my intuition, especially around when I bleed. It has changed my life.

— B.U.


This knowledge is like coming home. It astonished me to recognize how much wisdom was lost within me, how I had a negative headspace about my cycle, without even realising it. I had fallen into the masculine way of thinking of my cycle as weakness, but this course brought me back to the gifts of all 4 phases; of the wonderment of womanhood.

— M.B.


“Words from the fellas”

I am totally grateful to LH for putting on such an informative and enlightening workshop for men, I thought I knew a lot about women but the teachings you presented have taken the connection with my partner to a whole new level, with more depth and understanding I didn’t think possible.

Presented in such a comfortable and real manner, easy to understand and absorb. Totally recommend this one to any man, beginner or maestro. 

— C.W.


Moonmapping has changed my life! It's given me a daily connection to this underlying current of who I am and how that manifests in every action. Thank you Lissie and Tahlia - this is knowledge for every woman!!

— P. R.


Loved by Ladies (and their men) Worldwide