Holistic Nutrition is a therapy that doesn't focus solely on the individuals food intake. Although nutrition is a key component in sessions, Tahlia also believes that emotions and lifestyle patterns play a big part in overall health. Her studies in both Nutrition and Psychology have supported Tahlia in this holistic approach.

Tahlia has been a qualified Nutritionist since 2008. Since finding her speciality in Women's Health she feels like she has found her true calling in life. Tahlia's passion for woman's health stemmed from her own health journey where she suffered from PCOS, Amenhorrhea, Dysmenhorrhea, Cysts, Miscarriage and Hormonal Acne. Once she started researching and delving into woman's health (to support her own healing), she was shocked at what she didn't already know about her own body and equally as shocked by how many woman had no idea how their bodies worked or how to create balance in them.

Tahlia specialises in menstrual cycle issues, teaching fertility awareness method (charting), menstrual cycle awareness, pre conception plans, post partum support, pregnancy plans and yoni steaming.

Tahlia runs both face to face consults and skype consults, which you can enjoy in the company of your own home from anywhere around the world.

INITIAL CONSULTS $120 60-90mins (includes individualised plan)
FERTILITY CHARTING $200 (3 sessions over 8 weeks)
YONI STEAMING $40 (only available at Mt.Warning, NSW clinic)
INFRARED SAUNA $40 (only available at Mt.Warning, NSW clinic)

For bookings or enquiries, please click the button and fill in the form below, or contact Tahlia on 0402 513 308.

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