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Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy prescribes specific practices to individuals, based on present problems. It is a pro-active, complementary modality that puts health and wellbeing back in the hands of the individual by utilising the tools of yoga - body movement, breath techniques, sound and visualisations specifically tailored for each student - supporting the endocrine system to self-analyse, adapt, flow and bloom as it should.


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Nutrition is a key essence in our health as it is what we fuel our bodies with. It plays a crucial role in relation to our menstrual cycle and hormones. Specific nutrients are needed by the body in each of the four phases. The nutrients needed and the way they are best cooked/uncooked is varied for each of our phases.
I am sure you've all heard the phrase "food as medicine". We can also use the power of food/nutrition to aid in healing menstrual "symptoms" or issues.



Communication, like the breath, is happening in every moment - even when no-one else is around. Living Hormoniously looks at communication as one of our tools of empowerment - how we communicate with others and how we communicate with ourselves. At LH we teach what parts of the cycle are most potent for what forms of communication; a calendar of communication to organise your d & m's, your business meetings, your social gatherings and your time for inner reflection.



“I so loved this course....what an absolutely essential aspect of womens lives that has been largely forgotten by us all....thank you for enlightening us so we can be the change.” Sarah.