Living Hormoniously workshops vary in length from 3 hours to 4 weeks. They are deeply educational, as well as inspirational; teaching first the fundamentals of our magnificent moon cycle, then with that knowledge learning how to work with it - flowing in our full power through all of the 4 phases, becoming finely tuned to it’s rhythms to negate negative issues rising and stepping instead, into the positivity of all of it’s different offerings. In these workshops we look at the most refined ways of moving, breathing, eating and communicating relevant to each phase. Our workshops are the cornerstone of female liberation, learning how to truly live in a harmonious and fully empowered way with our incredible hormones, to speak from a place that honours our needs as women, dancing with this intricate symphony within.

Sharing Circles

Living Hormoniously Sharing Circles are wonderful dynamic opportunities for women to get together and speak, listen and grow through the knowledge, triumphs, challenges, tears and laughter of other women sharing the same phase of their hormonal journeys - either pre-natal, post-natal, perimenopausal and menopausal. Facilitated by the anatomical, physiological and spiritual wisdom of Tahlia and Lissie, these circles are focused on forming powerful female networks sharing common experiences.

One Day Women's Retreats

Our luscious mini-prelude to the 4 week course. This 6 hour event begins the journey of looking at the cycle differently, it explores the cycle through body movement, creating an awareness of the energy of each phase on a deeply cellular level and of the atmosphere the phases create within our lives.

.A day to indulge in physical practices of yoga, to drop into deep experience of breath techniques, to sample foods for all 4 phases; a beautiful day of collaborative growth, to write, to laugh and to connect.  The start of a new life-changing perspective on the wonder of the moon energy we carry within us. A gorgeous opportunity for women to take a day out to relax and to learn practices that will change life, forever.

Know Your Cycle, Know You

This is a small slice of our 4 week program, spread across three hours. Beginning the inquiry of your own cycle based on the knowledge of how your endocrine system functions from day-to-day in order to see more clearly, what are my hormones and what is the deeper me. Consisting of yoga practices appropriate for each phase, nutrition and talks based around each phase - this is a delicious bite-sized introduction to knowing yourself fundamentally better.


In a cohesive and harmonious relationship, knowledge of the moon rhythm, is not just responsibility of woman. Without a doubt, we are as women responsible for ensuring that we are riding our rhythms in the most positive way for everyone but our partners have a responsibility for their own peace and well-being, to be that outside observer who can pay attention to where our cycles are at for those times when we're too deep in it; not just to provide a loving reminder of where we might be in our own moon calendar but to have their own awareness, to step in when the energy is waning in the luteal phase and step the hell out of the way during the creative fire of ovulation. There are many ladies who's men remain blissfully ignorant to these rhythms that are so deeply affecting their own existence without them even realising it. So to change that, we present 'UNDERSTANDING THE FEMALE RHYTHM' facilitated by Tahlia and Lissie, along with Shane Turner, yoga teacher, Zen Thai shiatsu massage therapist and trainer, and all round man guy. Ladies, start wording up your fellas, it's time to joyfully ride these incredible waves together.



The Yoga Shack - North Byron 17 Mudges Rd Byron Bay

Hosting daily classes in the lineage of Krishnamarchya (Lissie) and Chinese Medicine principles (Shane) as well as a Zen Thai Shiatsu and 1:1 Yoga Therapy Clinic specializing in women's health and addiction recovery. Located at the northern end of the Byron Shire, The Yoga Shack is surrounded by ancient gums and nestled within native tea-trees, grevilleas and calistemons, filled with wildlife and the symphony of local birdlife. This location is designed to earth, nurture, to propagate study and reflection.

Gymea Retreat and Spa - 128 Bonnydoon Rd, Uki NSW

A sustainable / eco retreat venue & healing spa positioned at the base of majestic Wollumbin / Mt Warning in the northern rivers region of New South Wales. 

Balance - 6/19-21 centennial circuit, Industrial estate, Byron Bay

A safe haven for people to come, no ego; a sanctuary to let go. We understand no one is perfect and our ethos is to be as real and raw as possible when guiding clients through their Health and Wellness journey.

Dates & Rates

Fellas Know Your Ladies

Sunday 26th May


TEENS WORKSHOP - Introduction to your Menstrual Cycle

2:00 - 4:00 pm Saturday 15th June

Living Hormoniously 4 Week Understanding your Moon Cycle Course

1.00pm - 4:00pm Sunday 9th June
Sunday 16th June
Sunday 23rd June
Sunday 30th June

$ 180


Wednesday 17th June

$10 Donation

SHARING CIRCLE - Perimenopause & Menopause

Saturday 21st July

$10 Donation

A portion of every ticket goes to organisations that support those in need for brighter futures.




‘Recommend to any man’

I am totally grateful to you for putting on such an informative and enlightening workshop, I thought I knew a lot about women but the teachings you presented have taken the connection with my partner to a whole new level, with more depth and understanding I didn’t think possible.

Presented in such a comfortable and real manner, easy to understand and absorb. Totally recommend this one to any man, beginner or maestro. 


Under Construction

Still to come.

Under Construction

Still to come.



Give yourself time, ride your own waves.

LIVING HORMONIOUSLY: A celebration of rhythm, impermanence, life.