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Sharing Circle
Post Natal

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We welcome all women who are either pregnant and wanting to enter the post-natal hormonal phase with full consciousness and those who are already in the thick of this vibrant hormonal phase, with babe in arms. Facilitated by the anatomical, physiological and spiritual knowledge of Tahlia and Lissie, these circles are focused on forming powerful female networks sharing common experiences.

Living Hormoniously
Half Day Workshop

Sharing Circle
Perimenopause / Menopause


How much do you really know about your cycle? How aware are you of each of the 4 dances of your reproductive system? When is the best time to spread your social wings or for implementing new ideas? Of much needed conversation within your relationships or for bunkering down in quiet reflection? A half-day celebration, embracing your body’s natural rhythm.

Living Hormoniously Sharing Circles are wonderful dynamic opportunities for women to come together to speak, listen and grow through the knowledge, triumphs, challenges, tears and laughter of other women sharing the same phase of their hormonal journeys - in this instance we'll be celebrating the dynamic, exhilarating journey of peri-menopause and menopause - our second Spring.

Attending the Living Hormoniously 4-week course was fabulous! It was beautiful to share the cosy and warm space at The Yoga Shack with other women; to connect. The most powerful thing I took away from this course was permission to rest, particularly when I am bleeding. Since putting into practice what I learnt, I feel much more balanced and am more in touch with my intuition, especially around when I bleed. It has changed my life.
— B.U.

Personalised well-being

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga Therapy prescribes specific practices to individuals, based on present problems. It is a pro-active, complementary modality that puts health and wellbeing back in the hands of the individual by utilising the tools of yoga - body movement, breath techniques, sound and visualisations specifically tailored for each student - supporting the endocrine system to self-analyse, adapt, flow and bloom as it should.


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Nutrition is a key essence in our health as it is what we fuel our bodies with. It plays a crucial role in relation to our menstrual cycle and hormones. Specific nutrients are needed by the body in each of the four phases. The nutrients needed and the way they are best cooked/uncooked is varied for each of our phases. I am sure you've all heard the phrase "food as medicine". We can also use the power of food/nutrition to aid in healing menstrual "symptoms" or issues.


Living Hormoniously Women’s Retreats

Offering one-day, two-day and five-day immersions, celebrating all the wonders of being a woman in a safe and creative group environment. Daily yoga classes and relaxation, fire ceremony, breathing and meditation practices, beautiful Ayurvedic foods, nutrition advice, moon mapping (and moon-dancing!), yoga therapy tools, sharing, laughing, swimming, wandering, journaling and spaces between. Held at the beautiful Gymea Eco Retreat Centre and Healing Spa.

I so loved this course....what an absolutely essential aspect of womens lives that has been largely forgotten by us all....thank you for enlightening us so we can be the change.
— Sarah